Stammer or "Stamkos" is a moniker for the hockey puck shooting element in UCH. Named after Canadian professional ice hockey centre and the captain of the Tampa Bay Lightning Steven Stamkos.


The term originates from an earlier version of Golf With Your Friends. A hole in the Pyramid World had an element which rotated back and forth and was used to propel balls towards the hole. Northernlion nicknamed the element Stamkos' Stick. The terminology was later applied to the hockey stick element in UCH episode ___.

On November 15, 2016, Stamkos fell and tore his lateral meniscus in his right knee. The UCH series had a one-episode moratorium on Stammers in solidarity and afterwards re-named the element to a "Kucherov" or "Koochie" after Nikita Kucherov (a right wing on the Tampa Bay Lightning) until Steven's eventual return.