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RockLeeSmile's twitter picture.
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Style: First Impressions
Date Joined: 7 August 2006
Date Shut Down: N/A
Subscribers: 78,000*
Videos: 2,800*
Schedule: 27 May 2014
Status: Active
"I'm a gamer born in the 69's, I love art, and I have a passion for finding obscure, overlooked, and wondrous indie titles and showing them to the world."
— RockLeeSmile's YouTube description of what he does.

Nick Reineke, better known by his username RockLeeSmile, is a 27 year old American (currently living in New York) with an immense passion for independent video games. He makes a daily show called "Indie Impressions", where he looks at independent games that have recently come out.

He gained popularity for creating unique custom levels on Super Meat World, one of which was featured on Northernlion's Youtube channel.

Aside from his Indie Impression series, he also does a few Let's Plays, the most notable being his Binding of Isaac/Podcast with Anzariel, and his playthrough of a Post-Apocalyptic Minecraft world.


  • Notorious for being 'quick with the stick'
  • His name originates from a character in Naruto, Rock Lee, who he thinks could run a mile (Rock Lee's Mile)
  • Though he once promised a Indie Impressions of Minecraft, he is yet to deliver
  • Nick is a bigshot who thinks we are at his beck and call to update his wiki page
  • he is very nice and likes Will smith
  • he is a notorious 'slapper of butts'
  • Despises the product 'Uncrustables'
  • He likes is Bad Rats
  • He was a member of the popular indie rock band "Skelemen".
  • He is an actual skeleton.

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