"Hello there, everyone. How's it hanging? Actually wait, I hope it's not hanging at all; I hope you are all fully erect. And for those ladies that don't have penises, I hope your nipples are swollen and aroused and perky."
— michaelalfox
michaelalfox, replying to JSmithOTI's request for "boobs plz" during a Saving Progress podcast recording.[1]
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Style: Let's Players
Date Joined: 13 March 2010
Date Shut Down: N/A
Subscribers: 28,000*
Videos: 470*
Schedule: October 22, 2012
Status: Active

Michael Fox,[2] better known by his username michaelalfox (pronounced Michael A. L. Fox) or Foxman, is a Canadian who makes Let's Plays. He describes himself as "a whacky Canadian here to keep you entertained with silly antics and deep, probing philosophical questions while producing a plethora of gaming videos".[3]

Together with his friends Ryan "Northernlion" Letourneau and Josh "JSmithOTI" Smith, he forms a part of Saving Progress.

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michaelalfox lives in Toronto where he works at Head Office at his job.[4] Before this, he lived in Saskatchewan.

His favorite number is 6 or 69 and his favorite color is dark salmon (e06e52). He loves poutine and goes indoor golfing far too often.

He loves Twitter user @chey_clark, a fan from Ohio. He can be seen having various conversations with her via Twitter, Instagram, and Foursquare.


Fox appears on the NLSS occasionally, notably replacing Josh when he was busy 69ing Pixel.

He was absent from youtube for a while, spawning an inside joke that he was dead along with his own Dracula Fetus animation, Platnum Fox

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