"How many questions?" is a phrase commonly asked by either Nick or Josh during the trivia section of the NLSS. It is immediately followed up by Northernlion's response: "There are five questions." 

Tradition Edit

After shifting over to Trivia, the person who wins the pregame (Guess who, Meta game, ect.) will be asked by Ryan if they want to go first or second in trivia. The traditional response is always, "It depends, how many questions are there?" to which Northernlion will reply in an unamused voice, "There are five questions."

However there are very rare occasions or after long periods of no trivia such as PAX East/Prime, in which Northernlion will honestly answer the question in an amused demeanor.

Changing It UpEdit

On the 11/27/2013 livestream, when asked how many questions by Josh, Ryan had had enough! He lashed out in a sarcastic manner, asking Josh "How many questions do you think?" and after a few exchanged words between the two, Ryan realised he would never be able to get Josh to answer his own question. Ryan simply replyed in an ashamed voice "There are five fucking questions, you goddamn savage."

Origin Edit

It originated on the March 11th, 2013 NLSS. This was the second stream where they flipped a coin (in the first stream, Ryan picked Nick to go first after they flipped.) Previous shows had established that trivia had five questions, so Josh jokingly asked before choosing first.